Event Processing for Business

Event Processing for Business: Organizing the Real-Time Enterpriseby David Luckham

This is my new book, based upon lectures I have given to industry groups for a few years.

The book was originally intended for people in business who wanted to know if there is anything of value in “event processing” that might be useful to them in running their businesses. But as it turned out, the book can be read by anyone who has some background in information technology, and uses IT in their work. These days, everyone has a cell phone and is busy multitasking, so in fact all of us are using event processing quite heavily, whether we are conscious of it or not.

Today, many businesses plan strategic initiatives under titles such as “Business Analytics and Optimization.” It turns out that Complex Event Processing  (CEP) is usually a cornerstone of such initiatives although it  frequently remains behind the scenes, unmentioned .

This book will give the reader an introduction to  the technology of modern event processing and CEP, and many of the current commercial applications and markets for event processing. It contains  detailed examples of event processing in use today in different kinds of businesses, including financial systems and services, transportation, security, fraud detection, health care, energy and other sectors.

I have tried to make the book as nontechnical as I am able to, in writing about this subject. The final chapter is a personal vision of some of the different roles that event processing technology will play in our information society in the future.

Available in your local bookstore and from Amazon.com: Event Processing for Business: Organizing the Real-Time Enterprise

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