About AI & Complex Event Processing

This website is devoted to documenting research in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Complex Event Processing (CEP), and it particularly explores the intersection of AI and CEP in systems that provide Real-Time Intelligence.

 AI is at the forefront of methods used in many kinds of information processing and real-time intelligence. It is being used to improve the performance of a rapidly increasing number of real-time applications. In the past few years AI has become an intensely active area of research and development, to the extent of becoming a political football. There is also a lack of clarity about what is, and what is not, AI. Consequently, this website also tracks both the current technical and legal developments in AI and its applications.

CEP enables the information contained in the events flowing through all the layers of the enterprise IT infrastructure to be understood in terms of their impact on high level management goals and business processes and acted upon in real time. This includes events created by technologies such as RFID, IoT sensors, machines, mobile devices, and business applications. CEP has become basic technology in building real-time intelligence applications.

Real-Time Intelligence applications employ CEP and AI to process, understand and act on the information flowing through IT systems immediately, as it arrives. Read more about real-time intelligence here.