Is There a Commercial Need for a Quantum Leap in CEP Technology?

by David Luckham

CEP has come in for some criticism in the Bloggosphere recently. “CEP is just marketing hype”. I predicted some time ago this would happen– and it is quite understandable. The technical principles of CEP[1] have been “fuzzed up” by the marketeers, and some products with little CEP technology have been over-hyped and over-sold. However, these bloggers seem to think there is no technology basis for CEP and there is no market for it – despite Forrester and other research companies reporting on the size of the CEP market for 2007. So one can safely conclude they don’t know what they are talking about. Unfortunately, they will not be ignored. So, what’s the true story?  is-new-cep-technology-needed

[1]A Brief Overview of the Concepts of CEP”,

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