SOA, EDA, BPM and CEP are all Complementary: Part 2

by David Luckham

In part 1 we argued that SOA and EDA are complementary architectural design concepts, and that the fusion of the two, event-driven SOA (or ED-SOA) should be the design philosophy of both SOA and EDA today.

Now we come to the other two technologies, Business Process Management (BPM) and Complex Event Processing (CEP). We show by examples how they are complementary with SOA and EDA, and we conclude (parts 1 and 2) that:

(1) the fusion of SOA and EDA into ED-SOA (event-driven, service oriented architecture) is the way of the future,
(2) building processes is greatly facilitated by ED-SOAs,
(3) conversely ED-SOAs can be constructed as layered architectures using BPM systems.
(4) CEP principles must become an integral component of both ED-SOAs and business processes because of the ever increasing quest for control of our business processes, real time autonomous operation, and the need to gather business intelligence from the events flowing through our IT systems.

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