The Stanford Rapide Project


Teaching Examples

Introductory Tutorial
You may first want to look at this tutorial.
Teaching Examples
These teach different aspects of how to use the Rapide toolset and language.
Progressive Rapide Examples
This tutorial builds a series of layered "views" of a system architecture representing different perspectives on the system.

Rapide Demonstrations

The following demonstrations show the benefits of using Rapide in various application domains.

NSA's Multilevel Systems Security Initiative (MISSI)
NSA's Multilevel Systems Security Initiative (MISSI) defines a reference architecture for secure systems. It gives a prose specification of both structural and operational features of the architecture, and offers a good opportunity for testing the adequacy of architecture definition languages. This example shows 1) how Rapide can be used to capture key elements of the architecture specification, making them precise and identifying ambiguities in the prose, and 2) how the Rapide tools can be used to analyze models of architecture instances, identifying the consequences (both in terms of security and performance) of design choices, and through run-time checking reporting any violations of the constraints that might occur. As a prototyping language for distributed systems, the executable modeling features of Rapide create richly instrumented models, making them a good foundation for analysis and checking.
X/Open Distributed Transaction Processing Industry Standard
The X/Open DTP industry standard describes several components and their interfaces, a few instances of a software architecture, as well as several protocols - including the two phase commit protocol. The reference architecture, written in Rapide, defines architectures and behaviors of systems that comply with the standard. An extension to the standard was developed, and it defines constraints and behaviors for the transaction property isolation and the two phase locking protocol.
DMSO High Level Architecture for Distributed Simulation
The High Level Architecture (HLA) is developed by the Department of Defense (DoD) to facilitate interoperability among simulations and promote reuse of simulations and their components. Rapide HLA modeling is taking place in support of the actual standard definition by the DMSO AMG.
Sparc V9 Instruction Set Architecture
The SPARC-V9 project consists of using Rapide to build an implementation-independent model of the SPARC-V9 instruction set architecture. Rapide provides an executable standard for software developers.
ADAGE Avionics
ADAGE (Avionics Domain Application Generation Environment) is an environment for developing, specifying, and analyzing helicopter avionics software. Rapide models an early version of IBM's ADAGE software architecture for helicopter avionics systems.