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Companies integral to the development of Complex Event Processing

Application Story: Tibco IOHT

Solving Healthcare Problems by Solving Problems for the Internet of Healthcare Things IMPROVING HEALTHCARE EFFICIENCY, COST, AND QUALITY One of the most …

Business Process Excellence: Improve Business Process Faster with Software AG

Software AG

Software AG is the global leader in Business Process Excellence with 40 years of innovation. Software AG’s CEP solution webMethods Business Events …

Intellica EVAM Event Manager

EVAM Streaming Analytics

EVAM is a pioneer of the Real Time Streaming Analytics domain. EVAM is a next generation platform that is built from the …

Papyrus Software

ISIS Papyrus

ISIS Papyrus Software offers an end-to-end solution for consolidated inbound and outbound business communication and process management, based on natively integrated standard …

Informatica Corporation

Informatica Corporation

Digital transformation changes expectations: better service, faster delivery, with less cost. Businesses must transform to stay relevant, and data holds the answers. …

Sybase - SAP Company

SAP Event Stream Processor

Capture, analyze and act on real-time event streams – with our complex event processing platform Analyze and act on events as they …