How to Make Sense of Complex Event Processing in Real-Time

by  Mara Calvello  The Learning Hub

We live in a fast-paced world where we depend on speedy actions and timely responses.

Whether that is a quick answer to a text message or getting our order in under three minutes when waiting at the drive-thru, our time is precious.

To keep up with the highly competitive market and need for instant responses, you have to expand the capabilities of the data processing tools you use to ensure you have top-notch data from business analytics. While these tools are where questions are asked, schemas are designed, and reports are delivered, sometimes you need something that takes it up a notch.

That’s where complex event processing (CEP) comes into play. Read on

DCL:  This is a very easy to read introduction to “why CEP” in our modern Internet World. While I  would define CEP differently, I think this blog is worth a read by those looking for an introduction to CEP.


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