How Can Humans Keep Control of AI?

The Nation, from Asia News Network

In an interview, Osaka University president Shojiro Nishio stresses the need to keep artificial intelligence (AI) under human control.

Nishio notes a key issue is a lack of human understanding of how an AI arrives at certain answers, and he says a major area for researchers is improving how to check all processes the AI went through. Nishio also says this “black box” problem demands an international response, given that AI will eventually be connected to the Internet and have a global impact.

Nishio cites a draft plan from Japan’s Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry directing developers to ensure they can explain the results of their AI’s judgments, and that they can control their AI.

Nishio says there are people who worry that AI will suddenly “go mad”.  But it could be that AI is producing correct answers, and people are simply unable to follow it or incapable of understanding it.

However,  “I am more concerned about what happens if AI produces incorrect answers or develops in a way that humans cannot control,” Nishio notes. “That sort of thing happens more and more often as AI starts getting used to real-life situations.” A lot of thought-provoking comments- Read.


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