“Complex Event Processing


Real Time Intelligence”

Our website has gone under the name “Complex Event Processing” or “CEP” since its inception ten years ago. It has been sponsored by partner companies listed on its home page for all of that time. However it is evident that the time has come to expand the website’s charter and add “Real Time Intelligence” to its name.

CEP has grown as a commercial field. According to Gartner Inc., pure-play commercial event processing platforms explicitly centered on CEP garnered software license revenues of $163 million in 2012; and Gartner expects that market to exceed $400 million by 2017.

However, the market for pure-play event processing platforms is tiny compared to the multi-billion dollar market for software that performs CEP as part of a larger mission. A wide variety of operational intelligence platforms use CEP  as an enabling technology that is hidden under the hood. Our sponsors build and deploy many of these platforms.

For example CEP is used in systems for supply chain management (SCM), manufacturing operations intelligence, business activity monitoring (BAM), managing the operations of airlines, shipping and trucking, call center management, smart electrical power grids, and a myriad of other systems. CEP has become a foundational technology in systems for real time situational awareness and adaptive decision making.

Real time intelligence supported by CEP is big business. The Internet of Things; smart grids, smart cars and smart cities; and the emergence of real-time processing of “Big Data;” will drive more use CEP in the coming years. Users, and sometimes even software developers, won’t always be aware that they’re using CEP, but it will be there under the hood wherever the job needs event correlation and pattern detection on event data in real-time or near-real-time.

In the earlier days many people used to complain about the “complex” in “Complex Event Processing” as off-putting to sales personnel.  We hear no such complaints these days!  Complex Event Processing is an accepted concept that everyone in real-time intelligence has to have in their toolkit.

The CEP website should be a center of information sharing for everyone who is working in any sector of real-time event processing. Real time intelligence applications will be emphasized. Our goal is to distribute information on the entire real-time event processing discipline, applications, commercial products and advances in basic underlying  technology. 

Hence the change of name.





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