Ubiquitous Complex Event Processing in Exocortex Applications and Mathematical Approaches

Authors: Andrée Ehresmann,  Rainer von Ammon,  Dimitris K. Iakovidis, Andrew Hunter

The concept of an artificial cognitive system uCepCortex is discussed that integrates multiple sources of information, including from specialized sensors and software agents in the cloud, and acts as an exocortex for human users. It combines a high degree of autonomy with sophisticated human interface techniques to ensure that the human is kept in the loop and exercises control, while greatly extending his/her effective cognitive range by off-loading processes to the cognitive system. The uCepCortex approach utilizes the emerging disciplines of Ubiquitous Complex Event Processing and Event-Driven Process Management to implement a human-inspired cognitive model that complements human abilities and can detect, correlate, filter, enrich, process and learn from millions of events per second from arbitrary event types, and that implements flexible (re-) actions or processes in rapidly changing scenarios. Finally we propose a mathematical model for a neuro-bio-ICT system, as an application of the theory of Memory Evolutive Systems and its handling of uCepCortex applications.

Download the research paper as PDF: uCepCortex-Appls-and-MathMethods.pdf

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