Ubiquitous Complex Event Processing (U-CEP)

by Rainer von Ammon, CITT, submission to European ICT research initiatives.

Ubiquitous COMPLEX EVENT PROCESSING is an Industry led initiative to exploit the opportunities of the science of CEP into the mainstream of computational practice across diverse fields of science, not just the aspect of computational modelling but the fundamental physical world phenomena exhibited.  Elucidation of this discovery will lead to new applications of CEP across the bio-ecological world, and all the artefacts of human involvement and management of this ecology, such as:  commerce, industry, government and Society.  It will be the ubiquitous applied technology for processing the dynamics of complexity in real world systems.  It involves: fundamental science;  elucidation of the computational meaning of ‘event‘;  development of technologies appropriate to the scale of domains of different event patterns;  their incorporation into modelling and execution platforms that are useful to their clients – scientific fields, society, the world ecology.  U-CEP-submission

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