Is There a Commercial Need for a Quantum Leap in CEP Technology? Part 2

by David Luckham

Suppose a quantum leap in commercially available CEP technology were to happen. What would it consist of?  I would guess that one of the new components would be something that we haven’t seen offered up till now,  tools to help users make greater use of abstraction than they do at present.

Interestingly, if you look at commercial CEP applications today, you will see abstract events being created all over the place. But nobody pays any attention to the concept of abstraction.  The immediate problems can be solved without thinking explicitly about how one abstract event relates to another. At present the power of event abstraction is used in unconscious, ad hoc and informal ways.  If we are to stop muddling along and apply abstraction more precisely,  we will need new tools that  are not on the market at the moment.  And there is always the question of whether added formality will lead to added pay-off!  pdf article

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