StreamBase and Oracle team on CEP research

StreamBase Systems has teamed with researchers from Oracle Corporation to research complex event processing (CEP) techniques and advance convergence on standard language implementation issues in an effort to continue to support the growth of CEP by applying standards that will allow enterprise developers to quickly understand, learn, and apply stream processing technologies.
“Towards A Streaming SQL Standard” is the result of the nearly two years of research, and will be presented at the Very Large Data Base Conference on August 28 in Auckland, New Zealand.

Representatives from StreamBase and Oracle will discuss integrating the two approaches into one common standard. One of the central observations in the paper was in its characterization of event-based, versus set-based event processing models. For example, StreamBase’s execution model is event-based, which is useful for deterministic event-by-event data processing, where the outcome of business logic is determined by the temporal order of the data. Oracle’s time-based model processes data in sets – an approach optimized for processing stored event data. A standards-based approach that embraces both models could result in an event processing approach that addresses both real-time and historical event processing in one language. Report

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