Workshop on Event Processing – Presentations

Day One – March 14, 2006 – “State of the art” Day

David Luckham, Stanford University
A Current View Of Event Processing

Mark Tsimelzon, Coral8
Coral8 Presentation

Opher Etzion, IBM
A Subjective Tour of Event Processing

Mark Palmer, Progress Software
Progress Apama & Event Processing

Dieter Gawlick, Oracle
Event Processing: A Perspective From Oracle

Gunther Rothermel, SAP
Being Event-driven

Stan Zdonik, Streambase
Stream Processing Overview

Tim Bass, TIBCO
Processing Patterns for PredictiveBusiness

Mani Chandy, Cal Tech
Event-Driven Architectures: A Devil’s Advocate’s View

Day Two – March 15 – “Applications” Day

Roy Schulte, Gartner
Event Processing in Business Applications

Parallel sessions in the different domains.
Each session will consist of a panel of domain experts from the technology consumer’s

Event Processing in:

The remainder of the schedule will follow shortly…

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