2nd Symposium on Event Processing – Presentations

The symposium in a nutshell:

  • Day One: Conclusion of the workgroups, especially to the reference architecture one
  • Day Two: Use Cases
  • Day Three: Discussions

Day One, November 7th: The Workgroup Conclusions

Welcome Note

  • Charles Rozwat (Exec VP Oracle)
  • Opher Etzion

Workgroup Glossary Report

  • David Luckham
  • Roy Schulte

Event Processing Architecture Workgroup Report and Discussion

  • Tim Bass (Moderator)
  • Report on the Workgroup Activities
  • CITT/Norisbank
  • IBM
  • Oracle
  • RedRabbit
  • Streambase
  • Tibco

Event Interoperability Workgroup Discussion

  • Bill Hobbib (Moderator)

Standards Panel & Discussion

  • Roy Schulte (Moderator)
  • Bob Covington, OMG
  • Dieter Gawlick, Oracle
  • Jamie Clark, Oasis
  • Shailendra Mishra, Oracle

Day Two, November 8th: Use Cases

Data Mining and Event processing

  • Jacek Myczkowski, VP Data Mining Oracle

Use Cases Session

Event Processing in the Global information Grid

Use Cases Session (cont)

Use Cases Discussion – Classification and Relations to Reference Architecture

  • David Luckham (Moderator)

Thoughts on Event Processing

  • Thomas Kurian – Senior VP Oracle

Closing Session for the Day

  • Opher Etzion

Day Three, November 9th: Discussions

Panel: Performance Benchmark in Event Processing

  • Shailendra Mishra (Moderator)
  • Jerry Baulier, Aleri Labs
  • David Cameron, Aptsoft
  • Bob Haggman, Coral8
  • Shankar Radhakrishnan, Syndera
  • Boris Shulman, IBM

Closing Discussion and Next Steps

  • Opher Etzion (Moderator)

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