Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor

Director of Marketing, Sales
TIBCO Software
Los Angeles, CA

Chris Taylor is a well-rounded software executive reimagining the way the world works through big data, analytics, apps and platforms. He is cofounder of Successful Workplace, and a sales and marketing leader for a Silicon Valley software stalwart, TIBCO Software.

Chris believes we’re just starting to innovate in today’s highly connected, data-fueled world. The opportunity to make better decisions faster and to streamline work is enormous.

Chris flew for the US Navy before finding a home in technology 18 years ago. An avid outdoorsman, Chris is also passionate about technology and innovation and speaks frequently at industry events about creating innovative business outcomes. Chris contributes to the Harvard Business Review, Wired, Venture Beat, Forbes, Big Data Republic, PEX Network as well as managing and contributing to The TIBCO Blog.


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