Tim Berners-Lee Launches ‘Contract for the Web’ to Govern Internet Giants, Governments

by  Graeme Burton,  Computing

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, recipient of the 2016 ACM A.M. Turing Award for his invention of the World Wide Web, has launched a global plan of action to govern the behavior of Internet giants and governments.

The Contract for the Web, which says it aims “to make our online world safe and empowering for everyone,” includes nine principles: three aimed at governments, three for companies, and three for individuals.

Governments must ensure everyone can connect to the Internet, keep all of the Internet available all the time, and respect people’s fundamental online privacy and data rights.

Companies must provide affordable Internet access to everyone, respect and protect people’s online privacy and personal data, and develop technologies that support the best in humanity and challenge the worst.

Individuals must be creators and collaborators on the Web, build strong communities that respect civil discourse and human dignity, and fight to keep the Web open and a global public resource.  fullreport

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