Big Data from Aircraft Engines…

P&W geared turbofan testAircraft manufacturers are their engine suppliers are going to have to provide new data architectures onboard and onground for new volumes of sensor data from their latest designs: according to this WSJ report Pratt & Whitney’s latest geared turbofan will collect 12Pb data per year; AirInsight rates the data capture at 2Pb per fleet per year; P&W themselves talk about 0.5Tb per flight;  Flight International reckons the capture rate is 10Gb per sec per engine (which would imply only 333 hours of use a year across all engines to get 12Pb, unless there was a lot of aggregation in situ of course).

The idea of course is to collect data, run this against predictive analytics (14 analytics models in progress per the above reports) to build event prediction models (e.g. probability of engine failure), and (presumably) deploy these for real time information processing. Although there seems little information on what will do this onboard – its doubtful much of this data will all be transmitted over the air, although MH370 showed there is some of that going on today.

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