CEP Tooling Market Survey 2014

Market Survey of the main CEP / event processing toolsThis CEP Market Players Survey covers most of the history of CEP / event correlation tooling up to the last month of 2014. It incorporates input from (and with thanks to) Roy and Opher on some of the recent market shifts and tool histories. There continues to be strong interest in the open source Apache Storm, Spark Streaming and now Samza, and these may well mature into commercial offerings in future and/or get embedded in existing commercial product sets. Yet despite this, all the major (IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, SAP) and many medium (SAG, Informatica, TIBCO, Red Hat) software vendors now have good to excellent offerings, indeed sometimes multiple offerings, in the CEP space for customers to build business-real-time event-based applications.

Although comprehensive, this survey is almost certainly incomplete. Please add your comments or suggestions for updates (or ping me directly with any unattributable news).


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