Apama Real-Time Analytics

Apama Real-time Analytics

Act faster with real-time analysis of big data.

  • Monitor event streams, detect and analyze complex patterns in real-time
  • Respond immediately to business events
  • Benefit from fast startup and low TCO—Apama works with existing IT infrastructures

Take control of big data in motion with the award-winning Apama Real-Time Analytics Platform. Apama rapidly correlates, aggregates and detects patterns across large volumes of fast-moving data from multiple sources, so you can take the right action in real-time. Realize results faster with ready-to-customize solutions.

Used for:
algo trading; FX e-commerce; risk and compliance monitoring; fraud detection; real-time marketing, operational intelligence and customer experience management—any high-frequency, low-latency application that must process large volumes of fast-moving data

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