Complex Event Processing Changes Business Intelligence

Can Alhas, Chief Technical Architect, Intellica

Complex Event Processing (CEP) is changing the rules of Business Intelligence (BI). Streaming data (that are events) are forging a new way in processing and analyzing data as well as acting on opportunities and risks.

In the traditional BI approach (before “Event Processing”), we were dealing with “Data” and were building data blocks (ODS’s, Data Warehouses, Datamarts) to analyze the data. Few years  ago  big data concepts emerged, where the main components were Hadoop and NoSQL technologies. However, these technologies are a continuation of the same paradigm which says that we need to store the data before analyzing them. Also, there is necessarily no action associated with any part of this process.

Now we are introducing a new concept called “LET THE DATA FLOW”. The main idea behind this concept is that it is impossible to store all the data but it is possible to let the data flow and process them on the fly. This brings us to Complex Event Processing.

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