Adaptive Case Management: Comparing Document-centric and Customer-centric Approaches

by Doug Miles, AIIM International

Holistic customer service has become more essential than ever for retention, acquisition and support of business relationships that stimulate competitive advantage and customer loyalty.

Shedding light on the progress enterprises have made and still need in this critical area, ISIS Papyrus and AIIM joined forces to explore how enterprise organizations are handling the intersection of data, process and content (including documents) amid the evolving challenges of case management:

  • General purpose ECM and DM systems may lack inherent functionality and process flexibility
  • Integration with a CRM system may be needed for full-circle communications
  • Traditionally rigid BPM systems are restrictive for responsive, document-heavy and case-driven service

Recent industry advances have introduced the concept of adaptive case management within or supplementing ECM and CRM systems:

  • To empower and manage collaborative work and efficient workflows
  • To enable flexible, accountable and holistic knowledge-based activity
  • To allow process adaptation to meet the needs of the customer
  • To expand access to the knowledge worker’s expertise and experience

In this June 2010 report, we surveyed information-focused professionals about whether and how well the current IT infrastructure of customer-centric, process-driven suppliers matches the demands of case management – and we look at their planned strategies for the future.

Download the complete PDF of the white paper: Adaptive Case Management – comparing document-centric and customer-centric approaches.

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