Smart Techology For The Smart Enterprise

By Sadagopan, Enterprise Irregulars

The web is abuzz with analyses on Google’s real time search effectiveness assessed in the context of the death of an Hollywood actress today. The question there is how real time is realtime? Google has demonstrated through algorithmic means(without human intervention), the capability to report results in a search query in less than 3 mts(Read Google’s Matt Cutt’s comments therein!) after the reporting of the event! What an amazing progress shown by Google here!

Recently, Morgan Stanley brought out the fact that the mobile Internet is ramping faster than desktop Internet did, and believes more users may connect to the Internet via mobile devices than desktop PCs within 5 years – this is pushing things hard for service providers. Massive mobile data growth is driving transitions for carriers and equipment providers. This is slated to increase over time with emerging markets embracing mobile technologies much faster and pushes the material potential for mobile Internet user growth. Low penetration of fixed-line telephone and already vibrant mobile value-added services mean that for many EM users and SMEs, the Internet will be mobile.
As the MIT journal notes it, both Google and Microsoft are racing to add more real-time information to their search results, and a slew of startups are developing technology to collect and deliver the freshest information from around the Web. ….

What is that technology which would enable all this to happen covering data, transaction, content, collaboration, streaming etc inside smart enterprises? It is Complex Event Processing or CEP, a technology in transition- hallmark of any maturing technology and more importantly its potential – as a precursor to enabling enterprises to get ready for more sophistication in autonomous realtime decision making.

At its elements – CEP collects data from various sources and prime raw events & then applies smart algorithms(this learns with time) and invokes right set of rules to decipher patterns in real time – complex scenarios and distills trends therein and churns out results enabling real time decision making. Smart enterprises can ill afford not having such technologies deployed internally. IBM calls this smart planet revolution– all tech majors ranging from software players to infrastructure players want to have a decisive play herein. Every utility service, all competitive sectors like transport and retails etc are looking at adopting this technology aggressively in areas like supply chain management, finance optimization etc. … Article

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