The Palazzo Reale, Milan, goes Real-Time

Real Time, Integrated Management of Artworks Safety & Security

As a result of a pilot experiment using an event processing technology to run museum operations, the Head of Security & Safety for Museums and Libraries for the Borough of Milan, Dr. Petz, is planning a full scale implementation for the Palazzo Reale museum in Milan.

An event correlation and alerting system developed by JeriTech solutions using the WareLite Event Driven Application Platform, WL BOSS, monitors all aspects of safety, security and integrity of valuable art collections – temperature, humidity, motion, intrusion – and instantly identifies potential danger by correlating readings from a variety of sensors. Fully automated actions are then executed, protecting the collection and decreasing operational costs. Interested parties, such as guards, curators and collectors are instantly alerted and involved as required. Read the JeriTech pdf presentation

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