Mapping Clouds of SOA- and Business-related Events

Mapping Clouds of SOA- and Business-related Events for an Enterprise Cockpit in a Java-based Environment by Daniel Jobst and Gerald Preissler,

ABSTRACT This paper is about business process management (BPM) and business activity monitoring (BAM) using event processing. We will show why the management of business processes is important for all further steps towards an event-driven and real time enterprise. That is process automation using workflow engines and standards like the Web Service Business Process Execution Language (BPEL). As an underlying middleware platform we use the service oriented platform SOPware of Deutsche Post AG. Events are emitted from all layers, the middleware platform layer and the business process layer, and figuratively build “event clouds”. Event processing functionalities will correlate both “event clouds” and feed business activity monitoring. There,enterprise performance cockpits and dashboards depict the performance of the enterprise and of its processes. Download pdf.

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