The James Vera FAQ

Who is James?

A native Texan, James was actually born in Venezuela. He did move fast to change the situation, though, and by the time he was six months old he was living in Houston. James liked Texas so much that he refused to leave it until Stanford University made him an offer he couldn't refuse.

James would like to state that he has never owned, nor ever plans to own, a rubber chicken.

What Does James Do?

James is both a Doctoral Candidate and a research assistant, working with the Program Analysis and Verification Group of the Computer Systems Lab, under the orientation of Dr. David Luckham.

James is responsible for developing the run-time system of the Rapide prototyping language. He has also worked on several information visualisation tools, such as Raptor, the RAPide animaTOR, and the Computation Manager.

James' interests are in software architecture and cookies.

I Really Like James. How Can I Contact Him?

Well, there are several ways:

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