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The Basics

For the past several eons, I have worked for Dr. Luckham in the Program Analysis and Verification Group at Stanford University.

I can be reached at:

Electronics Research Lab
Gates Bldg 4A Room 448
Stanford, CA 94305
ID mail: MC 9040
phone: (650)725-6965
e-mail: mann@anna.stanford.edu
fax: (650)725-7398

Other stuff

I am a recovering native of San Diego, home of Andrew Cunanan and the Institute for Creation Research. Eight years ago I moved here and have been plodding up and down the peninsula on CalTrain ever since. Currently I live in the fabulous Bernal Heights neighborhood of San Francisco with the fabulous Becky.

Yes, the rumors about me are true. I'm a dirty rotten atheistic skeptic. I guess that means I can't be a good American.

It's true; I am to be wed in September with (again) the fabulous Becky. Hence I plan to spend the remaining Saturday nights of my life drinking homebrewed beer and watching Xena, Warrior Princess.

About bertie.stanford.edu.

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The End

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