John J. Kenney

I am a research associate in Prof. David Luckham's Program Analysis and Verification Group working on project Rapide.  My interests include formal methods, transaction processing, and secure systems.  I have also cofounded a high technology startup company called Rapide Software Technologies.

Recent Work

Work Information

My office is Gates 447, and my office mailing address is:

   Gates Bldg.
   mailcode 9045
   Stanford University
   Stanford, CA 94305

   phone: (650) 723-4962
   fax:   (650) 723-6027

Recent Publications

Personal Information

I am also getting married to Dr. Monica Roy. Please visit our world wide web page describing the events.

My home address is:
946 Florence Lane #3
Menlo Park, CA 94025
voice phone: (650) 566-0273